Moovie for February

In celebration of Black History Month I created a menu for Disney's first African-American Princess, "The Princess and the Frog." This movie has so many characters that I absolutely love! The beautiful music deep rooted in Black American culture and don't get me started on the food! I mean the options for this menu were endless which is why this months menu has both a drink and an appetizer. I had a lot of fun experimenting and hope your family enjoys it too.


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1/20     The Goonies

2/25     The Princess & the Frog

3/24     Kung Fu Panda


My name is Graciela. I create movie theme-based dinner menus. They are family-friendly and perfect for the parent(s) on the go. It's an easy and cheap way to spend a night in the comfort of your own home as well as getting that extra family time. Take a look around and leave a comment or let me know if there's a movie you'd like me to create a menu for, I would love to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by.

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