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Little Shop of Horrors (PG-13)

Sonic movie cover with Jim Carrey

"You need blood and he's got more than enough!"

- Seymore Krelborn

Meek flower shop assistant Seymour (Rick Moranis) pines for co-worker Audrey (Ellen Greene). During a total eclipse, he discovers an unusual plant he names Audrey II, which feeds only on human flesh and blood. The growing plant attracts a great deal of business for the previously struggling store. After Seymour feeds Audrey's boyfriend, Orin (Steve Martin), after Orin's accidental death, he must come up with more bodies for the increasingly bloodthirsty plant.


(NOTE: The following content might have spoilers)

I need to start of by mentioning that I absolutely hate musicals and that's mostly because if I don't like the song I'm then forced to sit there and listen to it. Then there's a song like every 5-10minutes and for me that gets annoying BUT...Little Shop of Horros is not only my favorite musical (Chicago is my 2nd) but its in my top 10 favorite movies of all time. I can sing along to every song and have probably memorized like 3/4 of the movie so creating this menu for the month of October makes it extra special. I hope you all enjoy this bloody mess!

NOTE: When creating this menu I though of this as more of a movie to watch for a date night with your significant other/bae or a girls night so the menu is a little more grown up.

Fun Fact: There are two different endings to this movie. In the original Director's cut they all die in the end which was not a popular ending with audiences (like at all!) so the team had to re-shoot it. I personally like the re-shot version but the original ending is very entertaining and you can tell it was a lot of work so I'm sure it hurt to have had to cut that out.



Sangria, Mean Green Salad, Dentist (medium rare) and the Audrey II

Sonic the hedgehog movie night dinner menu. chilidogs, blue Powerade, and chocolate dessert



Nothing fancy here folks just a glass of your favorite Sangria or if you want something non-alcoholic may I suggest this delicious Sangria soda called "Sangria Senorial" whether it's got alcohol in it or not add berries to your drink and spiff it up with just about anything really! The picture shown is from food blogger Shawn Williams, he has a fall inspired Sangria with step-by-step directions at, if you want to make your own.

NOTE: The name Sangria" comes from the Spanish word sangre (which itself comes from the Latin sanguis), or blood.

Sonic, blue powerade and glowsticks


Mean Green Salad

Little gem lettuce is what inspired this whole dish. It looked like the Audrey II to me but I knew I had to have a dressing that looked like blood and I instantly thought of a raspberry vinaigrette which I got from Only thing I added to this recipe was a little of my own favorite balsamic viniger, it helped to add some flavor as well as a darker blood red color. The pumpkin seeds that Giada from this recipe adds is actually lovely but I needed more of a punch and for me that means blue cheese. I ended up stuffing the gem lettuce with the blue cheese crumbs and the pumpkin seeds so its all hidden inside and reveals itself once you cut into it. It's delicious and once your done eating, your plate looks like a bloody mess. Seconds anyone? Feed me Seymore!!

Sonic chilidog with funyuns aka gold rings


Dentist (medium rare)

An ode to my favorite character, Orin Scrivello D.D.S (Doctor, sorry...Doctor) He was a psychopath so yes, they guy looked like plant food to me too. I figured the best way to serve him up was medium rare with a French Bordelaise Sauce and together with the Mean Green Salad and Sangria pairs nicely. Recipe can be found at

Jim Carrey aka Dr Robotnik with Chocolate latte mustache


The Audrey II

This probably took me the longest to figure out, test, and photograph so I really hope you love this as much as I do. My inspiration started here so technically you can make your life easier and do what Smuckers did but I wanted to recreated The Audrey II and take it a couple of steps further (see below for steps).

Start with:

1. Chocolate covered cones (top part only

2. Vanilla and strawberry ice cream swirl

3. Oreos (to crush)

4. Vanilla cake and vanilla frosting

5. Green and red food coloring

6. Mint leaves

Now put it together:

Instead of the lollipop I created a cake pop (not dipped in Chocolate)

1. used the food coloring on both the cake and frosting

2. Shaped cake pop (used toothpick for the lips and indentation

3. Added red colored frosting as the lips (use toothpick for the details)

4. Top your ice cream cone with crushed Oreo's and mint leaves

5. Stick cake pop on top of cone (use cake pop stick but cut in half)


Q&A with the kids

1. What would you name your weird and unusual plant that you found?

2. Do you think Mr. Mushnik was a good guy? Why or why not?

3. Would you have kept feeding the Audrey II to continue being rich and famous?

Share your moovie-night creations at #foodie_Moovies

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1 Comment

Nov 01, 2022

Beautiful and bloody in every way! Love the baby Audrey.

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