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Updated: Aug 26, 2022

"We can't let them walk away with everything. If we give in, we're giving in to all the cute, fuzzy bunnies in the world." - Hoops

After graduating from high school, Hoops McCann (John Cusack) struggles to complete his application to the Rhode Island School of Design. Resigning himself to a summer of boredom, McCann agrees to go along with his best friend, George Calamari, on a family trip to Nantucket, Mass. But, after McCann and Calamari meet rocker-in-distress Cassandra (Demi Moore), it suddenly looks like it's going to be "one crazy summer."



Lobster Bisque, Fish Crackers, Pesto Grilled Cheese Cassandwich, and Teddy & Cookie Popcorn

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Lobster Bisque: I usually like to stick to a budget with the menu but lobster was a must for this moovie and you'll see why. I recommend buying your favorite brand at your local store. Making this from scratch is very time consuming.

ALT: If you don't like Lobster use Clam Chowder instead. My favorite is the #Sprouts brand

Fish Crackers: This whole moovie is filmed on water so adding some #fishcrackers to the menu seemed appropriate. Use your favorite flavor! There's a lot to choose from.

Pesto Grilled Cheese Cassandwich: One of the main characters of the moovie is named Cassandra, she is kinda hippi-ish so I thought a grilled cheese and pesto sandwich was a perfect tribute to her. Add whatever cheese or veggies you like to the Cassandwich.

You can follow the recipe at

Teddy & Cookie Popcorn: There is a self-centered couple named Teddy and Cookie in this moovie so I had to name them after their own dessert. Teddy is a total jerk with a bad tan so I got the cinnamon flavored #TeddyGrahams and Cookie is a blonde so I got the vanilla #Oreominis


Q&A with the kids

1. Would you be friends with someone like Teddy? Why or why not?

2. If you ever had to raise money for a good cause, what friend(s) would help you out? Would you do the same for them?

3. If you owned a restaurant in a small town what would you call it and what kind of food would you serve?

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