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Whats my deal


I'm a creative professional, more specifically an advertising art director. I am not a single parent but because my husband travels a lot for work it sure feels like it. I was trying to balance career/womanhood/motherhood/wifey and for the most part shit got done but I could never give more then 25% of myself to anything. It was exhausting but you'd be surprised what we are capable of when we have no choice, right? Then a blessing in disguise came and I was laid off from my job, although I did not see this as any kind of blessing when it first happened. So here I am going from having no time to having too much time and I was going crazy. I wanted to work, I needed a creative outlet and with no income except my husbands, I was on a super strict budget. Trust me when I say that there is nothing more that fuels creativity then when your broke and bored. So that's where I was and that's how foodie moovies slowly began.


How it all got started

My kids and I had been doing Foodie Moovies for about a year before I got laid off but it was called family night and consisted of a movie I had no interest in watching because the kids usually picked it and the menu was Little Caesars pizza because it was easier then making something at home (again I had no time). One day (this was after I was already laid off) my boys asked me why I never watch the movie or eat dinner with them. I explained that I didn't like any of their movie choices and that I couldn't be eating that much pizza so we agreed that moving forward we would choose the movie as a family and have healthier options for dinner. I was all in!

The birth of Foodie Moovies

Our very first movie was Kung Fu Panda and I made our favorite which was Trader Joe's Orange Chicken with rice and fresh baked veggies. As we were watching the movie and eating dinner I realized that Ramen was a big part of the movie and thought how cool would it had been to make that instead. I was thinking out loud so one of my boys added that the dumplings, which he had never tried looked good and wished we could have had some for dinner as well. It was then that the ideas just came flowing in and throughout the movie all I could think of was how to customize the dinner to be specific to the movie. Every Friday after that we had movie night and I would go all out and cook most of the dinners from scratch. The menus were a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I had the time now so why not? I would even create thumbnails of what the movie and menus were going to be and I would share them with my sisters and some close friends. It was them who kept pushing me to make a blog and share these menus. I honestly didn't think people would be interested plus I know that a lot of work goes into creating blogs and I didn't want it to take the fun out of what I was doing but eventually I decided these were just too much fun not to share.

Foodie Moovies

I realized that I would need to tweak some things if I wanted this to not just be fun for the kids but for the adults as well. Some of us work crazy hours and some of us work from home or not at all. Our budgets along with our time varies and I wanted these menus to have options so that you could pick how much time or money you want to put into it. The goal was to keep these menus creative and fun along with options to pick-up from the store or to make it at home. When possible I always like to add vegetarian options as well since our diets are also not all the same. In the end what matters is the time together with the kids.

The Q&A

Movies in general always have some kind of a life lesson to them so a Q & A after the movie is something I always had with my boys. I find this to be very enjoyable not only because it takes very little effort but having a conversation with your kids about life in general is priceless and you'd be surprised at how much they enjoy it was well. These questions are specific to the movies and you can find them at the bottom of the individual menu pages.

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