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Updated: Aug 26, 2022

"You need to slay a shark, and I need to disappear. Here's what we're gonna

do... - Lenny

Underachiever Oscar (Will Smith) is a pint-sized fish with grand aspirations. When mob-connected great white shark Frankie is accidentally killed, Oscar concocts a story with Frankie's peace-loving brother Lenny (Jack Black) that it was he who murdered the shark. Suddenly hailed "Sharkslayer" by his aquatic brethren, Oscar has bigger fish to fry when Frankie's father, mob boss Don Lino, dispatches his henchmen to track down his son's killer.



Seaweed Snacks, Lenny's Fish Tacos, Crab Apples, and Candy Sushi *No fish were harmed in the making of this menu

Seaweed Snacks: This whole moovie is about the sea and sea creatures so I had to include the roasted seaweed snacks. They are salty and smokey and DELICIOUS!! Our family favorite is the #TraderJoes brand. My kids eat this up daily.

Lenny's Fish Tacos: Lenny is a shark who is also a #vegetarian in this moovie and my favorite character so I couldn't in good conscience serve up actual fish so for this weeks menu we will be having vegetarian tacos. You can follow the recipe These are delicious!! ALT: If you don't like potatoes for some rare reason feel free to use roasted cauliflower instead. They are just as good.

Crab Apples: My kids LOVE #apples and you can transform them into almost anything. These were so so easy to make! You can watch the tutorial here: NOTE: for the eyes I used two long black sprinkles and pushed them into the apple but use whatever you have at the house, no need to go buy anything.

Candy Sushi: These were an absolute hit with my kids BUT they are a little time consuming and I know we all don't have that kind of time especially during the week. My advice, buy ready made rice krispie treats, it saves a lot of time and if you want, make them the day before, they last a while OR depending on how old your kids are let them make it! You can find the step by step instructions @


Q&A with the kids

1. What sea creature would you be if you were in this movie?



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