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Hotel Transylvania (PG)

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

"Family is everything. You have to honor the past but we make our own future"

- Dracula

When monsters want to get away from it all, they go to Count Dracula's (Adam Sandler) Hotel Transylvania, a lavish resort where they can be themselves without humans around to bother them. Through out the three movie collections. You see this cast go from a wedding to a new member in the family to a vacation.



Mummy Dogs with a cup of Grapenstein, watered down with a Bleh Bleh Blehverage to be finished with some sweet and salty Werewolf Claws.

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Mummy Dogs: Murray the Mummy is one of Drac’s closest friends, he’s loyal, funny and one of my favorite characters. This recipe is easy, fun and tastes great. Add whatever dipping sauce to your liking. Recipe can be found at

Cup of Grapenstein: I wanted to have a healthy side for dinner and came across this adorable cup full of green grapes turned Frankenstein. Frankenstein who is also in all three movies and another main character. You can find the step-by-step instructions at

Alt: If you want to go with veggies instead of fruit check out this recipe instead at

Bleh Bleh Blehverage: Dracula which is the main character in this movie deserves to have his own drink named after him, after all vampires don't really eat, they drink. Right? A little 7-up, some kool-aid, and fake vamp teeth and you got yourself a very cool looking vampire drink. You can find the recipe here at

Alt: I know the recipe calls for Kool-aid (aka the blood) and although it might not be as effective or as thick I’m going to try it with the maraschino cherry syrup instead so it will be more of a traditional cherry temple. My boys love maraschino cherries so they specifically requested for this instead of the Kool-aid syrup.

Werewolf Claws: Wayne the werewolf is a character that all us parents can relate to with his many many offspring. He and his wife are always exhausted and we get it! Being a parent is hard you gotta be a little salty and sweet at the same time to these kids. You can find the recipe at


Q&A with the kids

1. Why do you think it's important for monsters and humans to get along?

2. If you could be a monster which one would you be?

3. If you could go on a vacation with these monsters where would you go? Why?

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