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Updated: Aug 26, 2022

"He's drinking...Marshall he is drinking!!!"

- Robyn, Charlie's mom

Marshall Seymour (Judge Reinhold) is an executive vice president for one of Chicago’s most prestigious department stores and has little time for his 11yr old son, Charlie (Fred Savage). But when the two find themselves under the influence of an ill-gotten mystical skull, they become much closer due to the fact that their minds have switched bodies!



Spritetini's, Moe Apples, Chicago Dogs and Sugar Puck's

Chicago Dogs: The movie is filmed in Chicago so I figured lets go authentic.

ALT: If your family is vegetarian and you don't want to eat hotdogs feel free to make Spaghetti instead. Charlie is eating spaghetti when he goes out to a fancy restaurant with his dad and his girlfriend.

Moe Apples: Charlie's pet frog is named Moe.

Tip: These were so easy to make and the kids loved them! I have a son that is not a fan of granny smith's so I used a red apple with the red grapes instead. Also, I froze the grapes ahead of time. #funwithapples #motherapproved #happykids #applefrogs

Spritetini's: After Charlie switches bodies with his dad he drinks martini's throughout the movie but don't worry I'm keeping these kid friendly.

Sugar Pucks: aka #DingDongs, Marshall goes to hockey practice for his son and struggles to keep up with the team.


Q&A with the kids

1. What is the first thing you would do if you ever switched places with your dad?

2. The dad worked for a man that didn’t appreciate his hard working employees. What things will you do to show your employees that you appreciate them?

3. Balancing work and family is very hard as an adult. What kind of things will you make sure to do with your kids when you become a parent?


Fathers Day Activity

I don't always have an activity for the moovies I showcase but since this was for father's Day I wanted to share with you something that I do every year with my kids. It's Cheap and easy and dad will love it! You can pick up all the supplies at #Michaels.

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