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It's Fall Season!

Fall is here and so is October, which means it's time to get gross with our food. If it looks like a body part but taste delicious than you got the assignment!

...and for that reason I'll be creating a menu for The Little Shop of Horrors this month. Probably not appropriate for the young ones but it's a great date night or a night in with the girls/sisters and yes you have to sing along. Have fun my witches!

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Pic of Blogger Gracie Ramirez

Coming up

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Aug.   Sonic The Hedgehog
.    Little Shop of Horrors
Dec.   TBD



My name is Gracie, and welcome to my website. I create movie inspired dinner menus. Some are kid friendly some arn't but all are an easy and cheap way to spend a night in, in the comfort of your own home while getting that extra family time. Take a look around and leave a comment or let me know if there's a movie you'd like me to create a menu for, I would love to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by.

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